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Image of COFFEE BODY SCRUB | Grapefruit Tangerine & Cypress

COFFEE BODY SCRUB | Grapefruit Tangerine & Cypress

Keep your skin smooth, soft and glowing with our Coffee, Coconut & Cacoa Body Scrubs!

Our Scrubs work to;

~ Slough away dead, dull skin cells to make way for new healthy skin cell production

~ Preps the skin for self tan application

~ Boost circulation, decrease cellulite & improve uneven skin tone

~ Heal imperfections, scars and stretch marks giving your skin a natural glow

~ Deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for healthy, nourished skin

~ Regular exfoliation boosts your body's natural collagen production

~ Grapefruit, Tangerine & Cypress uplift and revitalise the body, mind and spirit.

{350g packet}

Our Scrubs offer Aromatherapy benefits filling your shower with the captivating scent of therapeutic essential oils~ an experience that will lift the mood and invigorate the senses. The perfect morning or evening pick me up.


Use: For best results, apply scrub out of shower stream to slightly damp skin. Take a handful and gently scrub into the skin taking time to encourage circulation.
Rinse off under shower, massage the oils into the skin, then pat skin dry.

{300g Packet}


Ingredients/ Fresh ground Coffee arabica beans, sugars, Dead sea salt, Coconut oil, Lavender and Calendula infused oils, raw Cacao powder, Grapefruit, Tangerine & Cypress essential oils