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About MNSE

Mother Nature Skin Essentials offers earth-friendly natural skincare products. 

Sulfate Free | Chemical Free | Non-GMO | Petrochemical Free | Cruelty-free | Vegan skincare

Hello and welcome! I'm Nickie, the owner and creator of MNSE and a mumma to three wildlings. Located on the Sunshine Coast nestled within the beautiful hinterland. 

I have always held a passion for living a clean and holistic lifestyle and vigilant of hidden nasty ingredients in foods to skincare and household products, eliminating these unnecessary toxins from our every day life has been very beneficial for myself and my families health and wellness. 

My journey into natural skincare began with Essential Oils as our girls were suffering with seasonal asthma and eczema flare ups and what felt like a cold and flu every second week! I began creating EO blends to treat these issues (they became our new natural medicine cabinet) these beautiful oils helped in many different aspects of our lives and inspired me to create a simple effective range of completely natural skincare options you can trust to use on your skin and your childrens skin.

Each product is exclusively formulated to be rich in plant oils, essential oils, herbal/flower extracts with all ingredients being raw unrefined and organic. Designed to hydrate, soften, balance and improve the overall health of your skin. Providing you with healthy skincare alternatives without the hidden nasty ingredients.

I am very passionate about reducing our environmental impact by using zero waste packaging that is reusable/recyclable along with plant-based ingredients which reduce the washing of harmful chemicals/microbeads/pollutants into our waterways, rivers and oceans.

I do my utmost to seek out locally sourced ingredients or that are grown in their indigenous areas. I also ensure our suppliers hold the same values of being fair-trade, ethically derived, and cruelty-free.

I believe it is important as women and mothers that we take the time to nourish, nurture and recharge our mind, body and soul with healthy holistic skincare products which is why my range is suited towards us ladies. I hope you enjoy our skincare products as much as I love creating them!

Thankyou for the love and support and for choosing small Australian business!

Mother Nature Skin Essentials| For Your Skin| For the Planet